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Just Imagine the surprise on your child's face when they wake up to a mess in their room with an elf sitting right in the middle of it.  Well with the Magical Elf, Magic Dust and Elf directions from Santa your child and you will have just that...

*  This Magical Elf from the North Pole is here to visit before Christmas.

*  The Elf comes with directions from Santa and Magical Elf Dust.

*  A week or two before Christmas sprinkle the Elf with magic dust each night before bed.

*  While everyone is sleeping... the elf comes to life (with your help) and surprises your family the next morning with lots of fun and mischief.

*  On Christmas Eve leave the Elf by the tree for Santa to take with him to the North Pole.

*  Year after year before Christmas your Magical Elf will reappear (you never know where) for more fun and mischief.

*  Purchase the Magical Elf now for just $9.95

Elf mischief at work!

The elf has been known to ride a bike in the house! The elf creates towers with books, movies or soup cans! The elf in the refrigerator eating strawberries!

The elf creates a mess with toys or candy! The elf writes messages with Cheerios or on a mirror!


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